Friday, March 14, 2008

Bradley Rug - My Hooking Progress from Day One!

I find that I am posting more on my second Blog and have started a rug called Bradley Primitive where I am posting daily progress reports starting form the first loops I pulled! I am keeping this Blog more for family so if you will visit me at the Blog below, you can see what I am up to in the wonderful world of rug hooking these days.
Folk Art at Old Crow Farm in Vermont
The Bradley Primitive is not only a fun rug for me to do...since I usually do my own designs and change things as I go!!
I saw this rug in A Celebration of Hand hooked Rugs, edition XIII and loved what Martha, the rug hooker, did with this design from Harry Fraser Co.
I may switch my Blog List from here to my other Blog and do minimal posting please come over for a visit. I just found that I was having mor trouble posting pictures here and changing some of my settings, etc. so that is why I switched.

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