Saturday, January 19, 2008

From Sunshine to Snow

This is what it looks like out the front window now!

Boy, have we had the weather changes! This morning all was bright sunshine...and now we are having snow again! I love the big flakes!!! I'm cleaning and organizing my studio still... plus working on several hooking projects!

We are having a rug challenge over at the Wool Snippets rug hooking group online and each of us in the challenge will be doing a rug 12 inches by 20 inches on the Theme of "New Life". It can be anything with that theme...I had several ideas but then something just hit me and I decided to do it. Of course with me, you know it has to be something fun!!!! LOL
Happy Saturday...and Hook On!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snowy Morning and Suzanne's Giveaway!

A wonderful snowy morning here in the Northeast Kingdom! I have been posting some more pictures of my scenery and of my rugs over at my other blog, Folk Art at Old Crow Farm (link under My websites and blogs on the left). I seem to be having trouble adding to my blog list here so have been adding some of my other favourite people to visit on that Blog.
Happy Morning!

Suzanne's Giveaway!

Suzanne over at her Painter of the Past Blog...see my bloglist for her having a wonderful giveaway for her 100th post! What a great idea! Please zip over and visit her and ask to be put into the drawing for a wonderful painted charm. You'll love them.

I'm thinking of doing a giveaway of a hooked piece too, for my 100th Blog which is coming up pretty soon!!! : ) What fun!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Summerhouse Details

These are the little whimsical touches that make people smile!
Above is the bunny wreath on the summerhouse door
Carrot rail from inside view above...and outside view below

What fun!!!

Summerhouse 2!

Here is a picture of our little Summerhouse!
I am gradually making wooden carrots to go around the porch (!!!) for the railings although my husband just shakes his head and groans! LOL : ) You can't see them in this picture because I am starting at the left side of the porch and haven't come around to the front yet! I just thought it would be funny and, of course, I'm a little goofy myself so these offbeat things appeal to me!!!!! : )
In the summer, it is hidden more because of the other trees that are leafing then and the grass around it is green. The wooden steps lead up to the porch.
Happy Day!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Our Summerhouse!

About our Summerhouse... Because our home is so small and doesn't have much room for guests, several years ago we decided to put a tiny "Cabin" , or summerhouse, a little ways away from the main house.
Because it does not have heat or electricity it cannot be used in the winter here.

It is painted red with a roof shaped like a little barn and has a sleeping loft upstairs with two wooden beds and a rollaway bed.

When our grandchildren come from the West coast once in awhile for a summer visit or when we have other guests, they can choose to sleep in the summerhouse or listen to music there (extension cord plugged into the main house!) or paint, put together puzzles, read, etc. there or just relax.
It's like camping...but the beds are comfortable! : )

There are wooden steps going uphill between the trees to the little house and when you are upstairs, it looks like you are in the treetops...just like a treehouse!

I sometimes go there to sit and hook although our home is situated where we have peace and quiet in our main house also. I know I have a picture somewhere but can't find it now...I'll post one when I find it!!! LOL

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vermont Winter-2008

We got a lot of snow last evening! It's beautiful with the sun shining and everything so sparkling white and beautiful. A great day to stay in by the fire and hook!!! : ) Between those trees, the steps to the summerhouse are snowed over!!! ( Only a tiny portion of the summerhouse roof can be seen at the upper center of the picture.)

I hope all of you in cold climates are warm and snuggy...and those of you lying out on the beaches (!!!) don't forget the sunscreen!!!! LOL

Thank you to all who gave me lovely "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" wishes. : ) I'm so fortunate to have some terrific "Blogger" friends! I'm enjoying writing 2 blogs as they keep me thinking about enjoying one day at a time and appreciating the blessings we have.

Of course, there are worries too and I wish I could help more, but some things just aren't under our control. Especially as parents, we want our children to be happy and content...and we wish we could "fix it" when things go wrong. But keeping them in our thoughts and prayers does help (or at least I believe it does!) : )
May we all have a very good year in 2008!